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See your business clearly.
Focus on what matters.

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Managed Dashboards

Data made simple.

Tell us what you need

We'll work with you to identify what data you'll need to better understand, and grow your business.

Connect your data

Dashr connects to virtually any data source you've got. Sales, marketing, customer data, you name it. Simple and secure.

See your business clearly

The data that matters, in real time, on any device. So you can make the right decisions, wherever you are.

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We help you with data strategy, setup and ongoing support.

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What really matters?

Great dashboards answer important questions. We can help you cut to the core of what's important to you, your team and your business.

Connect the dots

We connect to the tools you use to run and grow your business. Marketing, sales, Ecommerce, customer data and more. We've got you covered.

Focus on what matters

Know what's working (and what's not) in real time, on any device. Share dashboards to align your team and focus your efforts.

We Also Provide

We do more... if you need more.

From Web Design and Development to Digital Marketing.
We do more when you need it.

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100+ Happy Clients Around The World

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affordable Service

Our team knows data

Working with data driven companies.

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Looking for more?

We've got you covered.

Custom Database Connections
TV Dashboards
Staff Training
Insights Reporting
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Setup Fee


This includes initial Consultation, Data Strategy and Connecting your data to the dashboard platform.

Custom Connections

In the instance that a custom connection is required for some, or all of your data visualisations, we will flag any additional set up costs after our initial meeting, before we proceed with the data strategy.

Ongoing Costs

From $60/mo

Ongoing price is based on how much hands on support you will need per month and how many dashboards you have. There will always be a low cost option for ongoing costs and we can scale up as you need it.

Dashboard Hosting
Shareable URL
Edits on Request
Email Support
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